Nagababu serious warning to RGV;says sorry

Nagababu serious warning to RGV;says sorry

Mega Brother Naga Babu had a field day again at the pre-release event function of Khaidi No 150. He took the critics of Chiranjeevi to cleaners. Although he did not name the people directly, it was clear who were the targets with the words used by the actor cum producer. He mocked Ram Gopal Varma and writer Yendamuri Veerendranath indirectly for the remarks they have made in the past on Mega family in general.In the past Nagababu made similar sort of remarks on fans of Pawan Kalyan who were making Mega functions unbearable. Then a segment didn’t like what he said. Guess, this time no one will have problem with Mega brothers comments.

Finally RGV opens up on the comments and says sorry to Mega family.Check this tweets below by RGV

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