2.0 review


A person named Pakshi Raj(Akshay Kumar) who studies birds worried about the extinction of the species due to the high radiation and frequencies emitted through the usage of mobile phones. He raises his voice against this destruction but he gets no positive response. Then he becomes a serious problem and starts taking away mobiles from the people. Not only this but he starts killing people brutally who works as the heads for these mobile departments. This worries the government and requests professor Vasikaran to do something, which in turn brings back the dismantled robot Chitti with advanced technology and fights against the bad. How Chitti handled the threat? How Pakshi Raj fights back? What happens in the end? forms the rest story.


Rajinikanth is really a superstar, his charm and performance as Vasikaran and robot chitti is amazing. Even in this age, his fitness and energy levels will surprise you while watching his performance in the film. Akshay Kumar nailed as Pakshi Raj in this film. He is splendid and his appearance and body language is perfect for the role. Amy Jackson as humanoid did a decent job and her costumes are perfect as a robot. Television actor Adil Hussain did a good job as a minister in the film. Remaining all other actors are decent in their roles.

Technical Aspects:

The production values of the film are top notch. To handle such a big project investing money is not a joke, Lyca Productions did a splendid job. AR Rahman is one of the assets for the film, though there are no songs in the film his background scores are as usual superb and raises curiosity in the scenes. Rasool Pookutty sound design is awesome. VFX is the biggest asset in the film which was done well by the team. 3D version of the film is good and definitely can enjoy the VFX better. Editing done is okay and could have chopped a few scenes in the second half. Cinematography by Nirav Shah is splendid and in sync with VFX. The art department did an awesome job because its Shankar’s film and everything will be huge in detail.


  • Shankar
  • Rajinikanth
  • Story theme
  • Music
  • Technical work


  • Few dull scenes in the second half

Final Verdict:

On a whole, Shankar’s 2.0 is impressive with the simple and thought provocative plot blended with high-end VFX work. Rajinikanth is impeccable and he is the crowd puller for the film. This film is undoubtedly directors film which means Shankar’s film his hard work and strong storytelling abilities will impress the audience. He should be applauded for imagining and creating this kind of subject using impressive technology. The first half of the film is entertaining and takes you into the story. Things go interesting in the second half where the actual plot starts. But few dragged scenes breaks the flow, except that everything is good. Overall, the film is not only a technical extravaganza but gives us an underlying thought-provoking message that how advancement and usage of technology harming the nature. One can definitely watch the film with whomever they want this weekend.

Bottom Line:  Engaging thriller with a significant message.