24 Kisses review


Anand (Adith) is a free-spirited filmmaker who doesn’t bother about the life and whatever comes his way he will deal with it. He also doesn’t have a positive opinion about marriage and relationships. This kind of thinking rooted because of incidents happened in his past. Meanwhile, Sri Lakshmi(Hebah Patel) who is independent, simple and straightforward girl pursuing MBA enters into Anand’s life. Both start a relationship where Sri Lakshmi takes it seriously and Anand doesn’t. There starts the conflict and Sri Lakshmi comes to know about Anand’s past affairs and his beliefs. How Anand convinces Sri Lakshmi? Did he change his way of thinking? Finally, did he win Sri Lakshmi’s love or not? Forms the rest story.


Adith in the role of Anand did a completely fine performance. His way of expressing different kinds of emotions in different situations is impressive, especially in the climax part. Hebah Patel with her simple looks and decent performance will impress the audience. Romantic scenes between the lead pair are good and the chemistry worked fine between the pair. Naresh, as usual, did justice to his role. Rao Ramesh is okay in his role and Ravi Varma did a good performance. Remaining other actors are decent in their roles.

Technical Aspects:

The production values of the films are decent and the camerawork done in the film is good. Songs in the film are not impressive but background scores in a few scenes are good. Dialogues in the film are okay and could have been better. Editing could have been better by chopping of few scenes. Coming to the direction we will simply get a doubt that is he the director who did an award-winning film like Minugurulu. The plot of the film is simple but the director handled in an unconvincing way where proceedings are dull and logic-less.


  • The lead pair did a decent job
  • Camerawork
  • Few scenes
  • Climax


  • Screenplay
  • Direction
  • Few boring scenes
  • Lack of clarity

Final Verdict:

On a whole, 24 kisses is not impressive except for the romantic scenes there is nothing much in depth with the proceedings or the story. There is a lack of clarity in handling the hero’s character where he changes from time to time. The story of the film is simple but the director failed to show it with unimpressive proceedings. The title and the posters helped the film to have good promotions. From the beginning of the film, proceeding are dull and makes you feel bored at times. The only impressive thing is last ten to fifteen minutes in the climax where the performances are decently blended with a message and the choice is left to the audience to have their own take on the title.

Bottom Line:  Dull and disappointing.