Anthariksham review


The film is set in the backdrop of Sriharikota space center where Mahira named satellite was launched into space. But due to some technical glitch, the satellite goes dis-functional which will result in a collision with another satellite sent by another country. If that happens communication blackout happens throughout the world. So to fix this space center sent people to fix it. Dev (Varun Tej) is one of them who works to fix the satellite in space. In this process the team faces many consequences so what are they. How does the team work to fix the satellite? What are the plans they have implemented? Finally how the satellite was set right? Forms the rest story.


Varun Tej as Dev did splendid performance maintaining gloomy look throughout the film. He is the perfect choice for the role and did well with the emotional scenes also. Lavanya Tripathi is cute and did a decent performance in her brief role. Aditi Rao Hydari is stunning and as usual good with her performance. Satya Dev performed well in the dual role. Avasarala Srinivas and other actors also did a decent performance in their roles respectively.

Technical Aspects:

The production values of the film are top notch. Special effects are the biggest asset to the film. Makers have showcased the space and the satellites in a very realistic way. Music of the film composed by Prasanth Vihari is just okay but the background scores are perfect for the narration.
Cinematography done by Gnanshekar is good and in the sink with the VFX. Coming to the direction Sankalp Reddy did a decent job but should have concentrated more on conveying the story with lot more depth.


  • The plot of the film
  • Performances
  • Background scores
  • Camera work


  • Lack of depth in the proceeding
  • Few dragged episodes in the second half

Final Verdict:

On a whole, Antariksham is visually good and the plot of the film is also impressive but what the film lacks is depth in the proceedings. All the actors did good performances and supported the plot. The first half of the film is decent and the main plot happens in the seconds half. But in the second half few scenes where Varun disappears and come out of nowhere and fixing the satellite scenes were dragged a bit. Overall, the film is really a good attempt with a different plot for the first time in Telugu. One can give a try to watch this space thriller which is having a few engaging moments.

Bottom Line: Having a few engaging moments.