Bharat Ram(Mahesh Babu) is a graduate of Oxford university staying away from the family in London. One tragic incident happens in his family brings him back to India. Then after listening to the advice of his mentor, he becomes CM of Andhra Pradesh. Then he realises and senses the poverty and backwardness in the society he decides to reform the society for the well being of the people. Bharat works hard to keep his promises as CM and the way he is stepping forward opposed by the party people and its head (PrakashRaj). Prakash Raj and his followers always annoyed with the things Bharat do. They even try to stop him in illegal methods but Bharat goes out of his way many times to keep his promises. What are the problems he faced by them? How he solved the problems? Did he keep his promises to the society? forms the rest story.


Mahesh Babu as Bharat who is young and stylish Chief Minister did a tremendous job and he lived in the character. The way he looks and the performance he delivered is at his best. This film will be one of the best films in his career. Mahesh delivered his career-best performance. Kiara Advani as Vasumathi looks gorgeous and good in her role. Sarath Kumaras Mahesh Babu’s father did a good performance. Prakash Raj as usual delivered excellent performance and proved no replacement for him in the films. Brahmaji as secretary to Mahesh Babu is good and generated some fun. Posani is superb in his role as usual. The remaining artist did their best as the role required.

Technical Aspects:

Production values of the film are excellent and undoubtedly DVV Danayya did more than what the film required. The cinematography of the film done by Thiru and Ravi K Chandran is awesome and each every frame looked rich stylish especially the way Mahesh was showed is superb. Music of the film done by DSP is good few songs are engaging and especially background scores done by him were simply excellent which helped to elevate scenes. Coming to the director Koratala Siva he is the backbone of the film and the way he directed the film mixing the social message and commercial elements were excellent and of course he is experienced in doing this kind of cinema. Action sequences are good. Editing is good. Dialogues penned by Koratala are too good.


  • Mahesh Babu
  • Direction
  • Music and BGM’s
  • Cinematography
  • Dialogues


  • Bit slow
  • Very few things in the second half

Final Verdict:

On a whole Bharat Ane Nenu is a good comeback film for Mahesh after having bitter experience with the films Brahmotsavam and Spyder. Mahesh did his best in the role of chief minister Bharat. Camera work of the film is excellent. The way film narrated by Koratala Siva is really awesome and dialogues of the film are too good. The way he addressed the social issues in the film is good. Every artist in the film did their best. Only thing is film starts in the slow pace and then takes off well. Especially in the second half, Koratala concentrated well on the issues. Overall, Mahesh Bharat Ane Nenu is a perfectly blended film which is quite thought provoking. For Mahesh, fans film is like a big feast and for the common audience, it is a decent good film with a social message.

Final Verdict:  Bharat fulfilled his promises.