Story of the film is quite routine Mohan (Nithiin) will have crush on Megha ( Megha Akash) in his childhood but fate separates them in that age. Later Mohan finds that Megha is in US and he flies to US. There with some struggles he somehow finds Megha and will become close to her again. He eventually falls in love with her Megha will also have feelings on Mohan. Due to some conflicts in the relationship they both wont confess their love to each other. Megha will fly to India from Us. So how Mohan meet Megha again? How they both solve the issue? Did they unite at the end? forms the rest story.


Nithiin did good performance in his role as Mohan Ranga and he carried the film on his shoulders we can say. Nithiin showed good acting prowess and especially in few emotional scenes and he also did well in generating comedy. Megha Akash is so cute and did decent performance the role required. In some funny scenes she did quite well. Rao Ramesh is as usual good in his role. Prabhas Srinu, Narra and Naresh tried their best to generate good comedy. Remaining actors did their best in their roles.

Technical Aspects:

The film has good production values. Major highlight of the movie is SS Thaman his songs and background scores are the soul for the movie. BGM’s elevated the scenes in many places. Cameraman Natarajan did excellent job in capturing good locations and quality output in every frame. Editing is good. Coming to the direction Krishna Chaitanya being a debutante did good job in taking a decent film with good fun. First half of the film is good and well narrated and later the second half lacks its soul as the story is not that new or engaging. There is not much feel in the love story or the strong chemistry between the pair but with fun moments and light hearted scenes movie ends as decent watch.


  • Nithiin
  • Comedy
  • Music
  • Camerawork


  • Story
  • lack of feel
  • bit dull second half

Final Verdict:

On a whole Chal Mohan Ranga is a watchable flick with fun moments and good songs and BGM’s. Nithiin carried whole film on his shoulders and Megha Akash is cute and bubbly in her role. Dialogues are good in the film and also natural comedy is the good asset. Story lacks its freshness but with simple love and romance between the lead pair and good comedy saves the film. Director did a decent job in narrating the story. Overall, Chal Mohan Ranga ends as a decent watch with good dose of a comedy and lovely songs which makes the film watchable this weekend.

Bottom Line: Decent dose of Romance and Comedy.