Dev review


Dev (Karthi) is a free-spirited guy who loves adventures and wants to do whatever he likes. He also changes his profession searching happiness and adventure. Once he comes across Meghana Padmavathi (Rakul Preet) on Facebook and sends her friend request. Meghana ignores him in the beginning but Dev follows her everywhere and finally, she accepts to be friends. From then the trouble starts, they fall in love with each other but with the fickle mind and the attitude of Meghana, there always will be a disturbance in the relationship. How did they solve their problem? Did they finally get back together? forms the rest story


The story mainly revolves around Karthi and Rakul so all the remaining characters have nothing to do much. Karthi is a perfect fit in his role and does an excellent performance. He looks so stylish in this film with his costumes and the attitude. Rakul Preet is good in the film and has done a dominant role. She is perfect as a rich business girl with a strong head weight. The chemistry between them is so cool and will entertain the audience. Actors like Prakash Raj and Ramya Krishna did a decent job in their small roles. The remaining other actors are okay in their small roles.

Technical Aspects:

The production values of the film are too good. The camera work done by the Velraj is superb. He showcased the main leads in a stunning way and also the locations. Songs of the film composed by Harris Jayaraj are just okay to watch on screen. Background score is way better than the songs. Editing done is not impressive and could have been better. Coming to the direction Rajath Ravishankar did exceptionally poor work. His story is weak and the execution is bad.


  • Lead pair
  • Camera work


  • Story
  • Direction
  • Screenplay
  • Overdose of drama

Final Verdict:

On a whole, Dev movie is a big disappointment and we even get a doubt that how talented hero like Karthi accepted the film. The story of the film is silly and illogical but the lead pair Karthi Rakul saves the film to some extent. Director Rajath did a poor job executing the film. His story is poor and the execution is uninteresting. From the beginning, the film offers nothing to the audience. The film has no comedy or no strong sequence which connects to the audience throughout the movie. So, overall Dev film is unadventurous and lame. Its recommended to avoid the film this weekend and indulge yourself in something interesting.

Bottom Line: Unadventurous and lame