F2 review


Venky(Venkatesh ) wants to get happily married and settled in life. So he sends his profile to matrimony people. He works as a personal assistant to a local MLA. Meanwhile, matrimony guys finds a match with Harika( Tamannaah) and they will get happily married. In the beginning everything goes well but after few months started troubles and understanding problems. On the flip side Varun Tej is a local mass guy having a girl friend named Honey (Mehreen) and they both want to get married. But they also face some troubles even before marriage. So Both Venky and Varun escapes to Europe in order to teach some lesson to both their girls. But there in the Europe they will struck with another problem connected with Tamannaah and Mehree. What is the problem? What are the situation they have faced? What happened in the end? forms the rest story.


It is really good to see Venkatesh doing fun full role after long time. He is the main asset of the film and evokes fun throughout. His dialogues modulation and body language is superb in the film. Varun Tej as a local guy did a decent job and supported Venkatesh well in the film. Tamannaah and Mehreen are good in their roles. Rajendra Prasad and Prakash Raj did their best. Vennela Kishore, Srinivas Reddy, Naresh and others did fine job. Senior actors Annapurna, Pragathi, and others did decent performances and on a whole every one did good in the film.

Technical Aspects:

The production values of the film are good. Cinematography by Sameer Reddy is colorful and lighting also good. Songs composed by Devi Sri Prasad are good and catchy. Picturisation of songs are also good. Background scores well in sync with the scenes. Editing done in the film is decent. Art work is so bright and colorful.


  • Venkatesh
  • Fun elements
  • First half


  • Nothing new in the story
  • Bit dull second half

Final Verdict:

On a whole, F2 is entertaining in parts with few enjoyable episodes especially in the first half. Vintage Venkatesh is back with his full on energy and comedy timing. He really pulls the film throughout his acting. First half of the film is having more fun when compared to the second half which is bit dull. Director Anil Ravipudi did decent job generating fun but coming to the story there is nothing new. In fact story is also having some logical flaws in the second half. Overall, without any expectations simply one can go and enjoy the film with family in this festival season.

Bottom Line: Passable fun ride