Hello Guru Prema Kosame review


Sanju (Ram Pothineni) is a young and energetic guy with many aspirations from Kakinada. He will move to Hyderabad as he joins in a company as a software engineer. In Hyderabad, he comes to stay at his uncle Prakash Raj’s house. There he fell in love with his uncle’s daughter Anupama. Sanju tries hard to woo her in all the possible ways but she treats him like a friend. Meanwhile, Prakash Raj wants her daughter to get married to an NRI. Then he comes to know that Sanju is in love with his daughter. Prakash Raj starts to protect her, in the process film offers a fun ride. What are the challenges occurred between Sanju and Prakash Raj? Did Sanju convince both Prakash Raj and Anupama? Did the story have a happy ending? Forms the rest story.


Ram Pothineni as Sanju did as usual good performance because this boy next door characters are tailor-made for Ram Pothineni. He in all fun and emotional situations did a decent performance. Anupama Parameswaran is good as a perfect middle-class girl who loves her father very much. She did a decent performance with her beauty and expressions. Pranitha Subhash is okay in her role as colleague to Ram in his office. Prakash Raj as usual good in this father role and he did his best. Remaining actors Posani, Sitara, and all other did a decent performance.

Technical Aspects:

Production values of the film are good and perfect. The music scored by Devi Sri Prasad is not so impressive he has given just average songs. The way songs were picturized are also not so impressive. Background score in the film is decent and perfect for the story. Camera work done by Vijay K Chakravarthy is good, especially in few places. Editing could have been better. Coming to the director Trinadha Rao has done just an average job with decent first half and bit dull second half.


  • Ram Pothineni
  • Comedy
  • Love track
  • Camerawork


  • Routine story
  • bit dull second half
  • songs

Final Verdict:

On a whole, Hello Guru Prema Kosame is also a routine love comedy entertainer which we have seen before. The refreshing things in the movie are Ram Pothineni performance and comedy in the first half. The way the director simply handled the first half is good but when coming to the second half becomes bit dragged with emotional scenes. The director of the film took the simple story and tried to narrate it in an entertaining way but he is not completely successful. Romantic track between the lead pair could have been better to bring the connection to the story. Overall, the film is a passable entertainer and without any expectations, one can have a decent time pass with the comedy and few good moments.

Bottom Line:   A passable entertainer.