Krishna(Nani) is a guy from Chittoor who is happy living spirit roaming with friends. Arjun(Nani) is a lookalike of Krishna who is a Rockstar in Prague no way related to Krishna. Krishna fell in love with Riya(Rukhsir Mir) and after accepting the love of Krishna she will go missing. Here in Prague Arjun fells in love with Subba Lakshmi(Anupama), she will also go missing when she returned to India from Prague after a small dispute with Arjun. What happened to them? How they went missing? Who did this? And finally how they both are saved? Forms the rest story.


Nani in the dual role did a good performance and he is the main asset of the film. Especially in the role of Krishna a guy from Chittoor he did an excellent job. With his massy look and Chittoor slang, he entertained thoroughly in the first half. Rukhsir Mir is good with her looks and performance as Riya int he film. Anupama as Subba Lakshmi is just ok and should have used her talent more. Mahesh vitta and other actors who were friends to Nani did their best to generate fun. Other actors in the movie did their best to justify their roles.

Technical Aspects:

Productions values of the film are good they have spent whatever the film is required. Music by Hip Hop Tamizha is the biggest asset for the film. Album of the film is hit especially that mass number Daari Choodu has become a bumper hit. Background scores are also good which helped to elevate the scenes. Camera work by Karthik Ghattamaneni is good especially the village side and the nativity has shown good. But coming to Prague we can say he has failed to capture some beautiful locations in Prague. Editing is ok in the film. Director Merlapaka Gandhi did just an ok job, the first half of the film is interesting and entertaining he did a good job but coming to the second half it falls flat and not up to the mark.


  • Nani as Krishna
  • Songs
  • Background scores
  • Comedy
  • First half


  • Nani as Arjun
  • Second Half
  • Story
  • Predictable screenplay

Final Verdict:

Krisihanrjuna Yudham is just a one-time watchable flick with entertainment in places. Nani as Krishna is damn good with slang and comedy but Nani as Arjun didn’t go well and simply we can say he didn’t suit the role of rockstar or pop singer he is disappointing. Both the female leads Rukhsir Mir and Anupama Parameswaran did a decent job but coming to Anupama more love or chemistry should have shown between Anupama and Arjun. Comedy in the first half is good but coming to the second half film takes a totally different turn and lacks entertainment becomes dull and predictable. The climax of the film is also not that engaging. Overall, Krishnarjuna Yuddham is strictly for Nani fans and is just one-time watchable flick this weekend.

Bottom Line:  Watch it for ‘Krishna’