Many people know the reel of Savitri, she is a legendary actress. But how her childhood did happen what are the things and circumstances or the people inspired her to make her career as cinema. Savitri debut in movies and there the people who supported her and stood by her. Savitri rise and fall in cinema. How she ended up her life miserable. What are the consequences lead to her downfall are simply and perfectly shown in the film. This is the story needs to be seen on big screen.


Portraying the role of Savitri on screen is not an ordinary thing her style of acting her mannerism’s, her off-screen and on-screen presence everything should be perfect. It at all any mistake definitely it backfires. Keerthy Suresh lived the role of Savitri and delivered her career-best performance. Definitely, this would be her award-winning performance. Samantha as Madhura Vani excelled in the role and did a good performance. Vijay Devarakonda is ok but should have changed his diction. Dulquer Salmaan as Gemini Ganesan did a good performance. Rajendra Prasad as Savitri uncle is remarkable. Prakash Raj, Avasarala Srinivas, Shalini Pandey, Krish, Malavika Nair and all other actor did their best.

Technical Aspects:

Production values of the film are good and did their best. Cinematography by Dani Sanchez-Lopez is excellent and one of the highlights of the film. Especially the retro era showcased in the second half is good. Music by Mickey J Mayor is a big plus for the movie which generates feel. Art department should be specially mentioned because of the hard work they did to show the black and white era. Editing of the film is good but lengthy. Director of the film Nag Ashwin did a good job in making this kind of historic film in an entertaining way.


  • Keerthy Suresh as Savitri
  • Samantha as Madhuravani
  • Cinematography
  • Direction
  • Music
  • Artwork


  • Lengthy runtime
  • Bit slow in some places

Final Verdict:

On whole Mahanati showcases the main aspects in the legendary actress Savitri’s life. How she rose to fame and the downfall of her career and life. Definitely, Telugu audience will connect to the Savitri’s life shown in the film. Keerthy Suresh is fabulous as Savitri and she is the perfect choice for the role. Nag Ashwin did a great job his hard work and dedication did for the film can be seen on screen. Film run time is lengthy and in some places narration becomes slow, some audience might get bored. Overall, Mahanati is the perfect tribute to the Savitri. This biopic is sincere and perfect don’t miss it. This film would be a perfect choice to watch this weekend.

Bottom Line:  A perfect tribute to Savitri.