Mr Majnu review


Vicky (Akhil) is a charming young boy who flirts with girls and tries to woo them. He doesn’t believe in the longtime relationship. On the other side, Nikki (Niddhi Agarwal) is tradition simple girl who Is dreaming about her future husband to be like Lord Rama. Somehow these two are related to each other and on an occasion, Nikki falls for Vicky and makes love proposal. As Vicky doesn’t believe in the longtime relationships he avoids her after 2 months of their love. Then Nikki goes away from him which makes Vicky feel sad and missing. What happens next? What are the consequences they both face? How Vicky realizes and changes his mindset? What happens in the end? Forms the rest story.


Akhil is cool and looking stylish in the film. His body languages, dances, and fights are good. Coming to his acting he is far better than his previous movies. Over we can say Akhil did a decent job. Niddhi Agarwal as Nikki did a good job. She is looking very beautiful and has given good expressions according to the shades in her role. Rao Ramesh, Nagababu, Jaya Prakash, Sitara, and Pavitra Lokesh are decent in their roles. Hyper Aadi and Priyadarshi are just okay In their roles. Remaining other actors did a decent job.

Technical Aspects:

The production values of the SVCC are good and they have provided the best. Cinematography done by George William is good and has showcased the lead actors and locations well. Music scored by Thaman is good though they sound like his old songs. Background score is good and perfect for the love story. Fights in the film are good and natural. Dialogues are not lengthy but simple. Editing could have been better. Coming to the direction Venky Atluri did just an average job.


  • Akhil
  • Niddhi Agarwal
  • Music
  • Camera work


  • Routine story
  • Screenplay
  • lack of emotional connect

Final Verdict:

On a whole, Akhil’s third film Mr. Majnu also failed to reach the expectations and just ended as an average flick. Many of the fans and the audience expected that this film would give Akhil the much-needed success but that not gonna happen. The plot of the film is routine and lack of emotional connect will give less impression on the film. The feel and the story will have similarities to Venky Atluri’s previous film Tholi Prema. But that film will emotionally connect to the audience because of the screenplay and depth in the proceeding where this film lacks it. The film takes off in an interesting way in the beginning but in the second half, it falls flat. Comedy is also not up to the mark even though Hyper Aadi and Priyadarshi are there in the film. Overall, Mr. Majnu is not that impressive and one who wants to try can give it a shot.

Bottom Line: Just an average enter