Natakam review


The story starts in a small village where a guy named Koti (Ashish Gandhi) loves to live free without taking any responsibilities. He always wants to enjoy the time he got with thinking of nothing useful. Meanwhile, his parents want him to be responsible and get settled by marrying someone. At that moment he fell in love with a girl named Parvathi (Ashima Narwal) at the first sight. They were madly in love with each other but Parvathi has some story and connection with some people. That becomes a big problem and what is her story? Who are the people? How their love got affected? What happened in the end? Forms the rest story.


The main highlight of the film is Ashish Gandhi who played the lead role as Kota in the film. This young actor did his best in evoking all kinds of emotions with his rugged look. Definitely, he is going to have a bright future in cinema. Ashima Narwal is like an eye feast for the audience and did decent performance in her role. Her glamour is one of the assets of the film. Heroes father role is good and he did a decent performance. Remaining actors are decent in their roles respectively.

Technical Aspects:

The production values of the film are good and perfectly fulfilled the requirements of the story. The cinematography by Garuda Vega fame Anji is good and he showcased the village and its rawness in a natural way. The music scored by Sai Karthik is decent and especially background scores are good which takes the scene to next level. Editing is not up to the mark and few scenes could have been chopped. The overall look and feel of the film are very realistic. Coming to the direction Kalyanji Gogana tried to give good raw and rustic film but failed with the narration.


  • Lead actors
  • Village nativity
  • Music
  • Camera work


  • Screenplay
  • Editing
  • Silly twists

Final Verdict:

On a whole Natakam is a raw and rustic film which falls flat with the narration. The main highlight of the film is the performance of the pair. Ashish Gandhi and Ashima NArwal did a fantastic job in their roles and the chemistry between them is too good. The first half of the film is decent but in the second half, the director failed to sustain the flow and side tracks with repetitive and logic less scenes. Chopping of few scenes would save the film. The drama and emotions showcased were good. Overall, the film disappoints in many ways except the love track and chemistry between the lead pair. One can give a try if they like to watch bold films with strong emotions.

Bottom Line: Except the love track Natakam disappoints.