Nawab Review


Bhupathi Reddy (Prakash Raj) is an undisputed don who’s decisions runs politics in the city. Opposite gang in the city attacks Bhupathi Reddy through which the film starts. Luckily Bhupathi Reddy escapes and his three sons Varadha (Aravind Swamy) Thyagu (Arun Vijay) Rudra (Simbu) finds the culprit who made the attack as Chinnappa the member of the opposition gang and kills him. But there are interesting things and people involved in the murder which turns the entire situations in the story. Meanwhile, three sons compete to take the position of his father Bhupathi Reddy. What are the twists and turns? Who was behind the murder? Who took the position? Forms the rest story.


The film is entirely based on performances and everyone did a splendid job doing their roles. Prakash Raj is as usual good in the role of aged don Bhupathi Reddy. Aravinda Swamy as the elder son Vardha is too fierce and arrogant lived his role. Simbu as younger son Rudra did a good job with elegance. Arun Vijay as Thyagu is funny and dangerous at the same time. This role is perfect for Arun Vijay and he did an excellent job. Remaining actors Jayasudha, Jyothika, Aditi Rao, Aishwarya Rajesh, and others did the decent job according to their roles.

Technical Aspects:

The production values of the film are good and have everything required. The cinematography by Santosh Sivan is too good and natural, his way of framing the scenes are good. Music by AR Rahman is, as usual, good for Mani Ratnam’s film, especially his background scores are too good which helps to elevate the scenes. Editing of the film is crisp with the watchable runtime. Coming to the direction, Mani Ratnam who is capable of carrying an intense drama with huge star cast did a splendid job again but the only thing is film lags a bit in some places.


  • Performances
  • Star Cast
  • Music
  • Cinematography


  • A bit dull in the second half
  • Dubbing of few roles

Final Verdict:
On a whole, Nawab is a watchable intense drama with emotions and action. The performances of the lead actors are the biggest asset of the film. Every character is designed well and driven by emotions. Mani Ratnam handled the film in his own style and did a decent job. But the huge drama in the second half is bit dull and may not be liked by all section of the audience. Ar Rahman and Santosh Sivan did their best portraying Mani Ratnam’s vision. Overall, Nawab film is a passable film for drama lovers. So one can give a try this intense drama this weekend for Mani Ratnam and the huge star cast.

Bottom Line:  Gangster drama with few engaging moments.