NOTA review


Varun (Vijay Devarakonda) is a free-spirited rich guy who is the son of state chief minister. His mantra is to just live and enjoy. His father (Nazzer) is the most corrupted chief minister of the state. Due to some Illegal accusations his father makes Varun sit in his CM chair for a period of time. Varun is not all interested in this political and still being the CM enjoys his life going pubs with girls and all. But one incident happened will wake him up and then realizes how corrupted his father is. From then he starts to act seriously which brings rivalry between father and son. What is the incident? How Varun changed himself? What happened between father and son? Did it end on a happy note? Forms the rest story.


Vijay Devarakonda did his best for the role having dual shades. He is damn good as a spoiled brat and at the same time, he is as good and fierce as the young chief minister. Vijay once again proved he is a talented actor. Mehreen is just okay in her role as she has nothing much to do. Sanjana Natarajan is decent in her role. Nazzar is as usual perfect for the role and he did an excellent performance. Satyaraj is also good in his role which supports Vijay. Remaining all other actors are okay and did decent performances.

Technical Aspects:

The production values of the film are perfect and have provided the best required for the film. The camera work done by Santhana Krishnan is good, the visuals are perfect which showcased the political environment in a perfect way. Music done by Sam C S is disappointing the songs are not catchy but coming to the background scores he did a good job. Editing done is just okay and could have been better. The art department did a fine job setting up the political set up. Coming to the direction Anand Shankar did just an okay job where he completely focused on Vijay but the story lacks gripping narration.


  • Vijay Devarakonda
  • Camera work
  • Background scores
  • Few scenes


  • Weak script
  • Narration
  • Tamil flavor

Final Verdict:

On a whole, NOTA is a routine political drama which we have seen before in Telugu movies like Leader and Bharat Ane Nenu. The film didn’t look like a bilingual but it looked like a dubbed film. For the Tamil, audience film will be impressive because their political scenarios will match with the film. Vijay did a splendid job in his role and carried it with ease. The maximum first half of the film spent on introducing characters and end on a decent note. In the second half, the film falls flat with the expectations of the audience. Anand Shankar will impress Tamil audience but In Telugu, we have seen everything before. Overall, The film offers nothing new to us, one can give a try for Vijay Devarakonda.

Bottom Line:  Routine political drama.