Sarkar Review


The film is a political drama where NRI Sundar Ramaswamy (Vijay) who is a big shot business man and CEO of GL Group comes to India to cast his vote, but he feels annoyed after knowing that someone has already been casted his vote in the polling booth. Then he files a case and demands to cancel the elections. Finally, the elections gets cancelled and rescheduled. Meanwhile, all the MLA’s and others become enemy’s to Sundar. Then he decides to participate in the elections where the actual problem starts. All the opposition party people turns against Sundar and lay plots to kill him. How Sundar faced the opposition? How he overcome the problems? How he finally wins with all positivity forms the rest story.


Ilayathalapathi Vijay did tremendous performance in the film. With his mannerisms and acting, esepcially in the emotional scenes he will mesmerise audience. Simply we can say it is Vijay’s one a\man show. Keerthy Suresh is just okay because there is no scope her to perform except for songs. Varu Sarath Kumar is tremendrous and did terrific performance in a role with negative shades.Senior actor Radha Ravi did excellent performance in his role. Comedian Yogi Babu tried to generate fun here and there. Remaining all other actors did decent performances in their roles.

Technical Aspects:

Technically film is fantastic, Sun Pictures did their best with the production values of the film. AR Rahman scored music but song are not that engaging we can say but background scores are as usual good which elevated the scenes. Cinematography done by Girish Gangadharan is good and has shown Vijay at peaks especially in fight scenes. Editing is okay but could have chopped few minutes to make it crisp. Fights composed by Ram-Laxman are superb which perfectly entertain Vijay fans. Direction by Murugadoss is okay.


  • Vijay’s performance
  • Background scores
  • Varu Sarathkumar
  • Fights
  • Few political truths


  • Bit dull second half
  • Few songs
  • Less entertainment

Final Verdict:

On a whole, Vijay’s Sarkar is another routine political drama with few engaging moments for fans. Vijay carried the film on his shoulders which we can say he one man show. Director Murugadoss has put his complete focus on showcasing Vijay more than telling the story. Murugadoss has done mediocre work from his side with the script and direction. First half of the film is good with all the quotient required for fans from Vijay. But the real story starts in the second half with dull proceedings. Climax is not the convincing and looks artificial. Varu Sarath Kumar and Radha Ravi did terrific job int eh film. So, overall Sarkar is the perfect treat for Vijay fans with few engaging moments. For others who can ignore the same old political play with few dull proceedings in the second half can try this film.

Bottom Line: Watch it for Vijay’s performance