Yatra review


The story showcases only the pre and post incidents of Padayatra. Beginning somewhere in 2003 before the famous historical 2004 elections. How Rajasekhara Reddy planned to win the people’s hearts with the daring decision like doing 900-mile Padayatra. What are the incidents caused Rajasekhara Reddy to start Padayatra and how he surpassed the difficulties and defeated his strong opponents showcased in the film. The Story begins starting Padayatra and ends after Rajasekhara Reddy taking oath as the chief minister.


National award-winning actor Mammootty as YSR lived the role. His body language, dialogue delivery and emotional intensity in his appearance is too good. Simply no other actor can do justice to the YSR character other than Mammootty. Emotional pain is carried throughout the film by Mammootty in his dialogues and acting which connects to the audience. Ashritha Vemuganti is perfect as YSR’s wife Vijayamma role. Looks wise and acting wise she did a good performance. Rao Ramesh as Congress leader KVP is good. All the remaining actors in the film did decent performances in their roles.

Technical Aspects:

The production values of the film are fantastic and perfect for the film. Camera work done by Sathyan Sooryan is good and he maintained quality throughout each frame in the film. Songs in the film composed by K Krishna Kumar are emotional and especially background scores are good which will add depth to the proceedings. Editing of the film is decent. Dialogues in the film are straight and sharp with meaning. Coming to the direction Mahi V Raghav did a good job handling this kind of tough project because even small mistakes could bring troubles to him. He did deep research about the real incidents happened before and after the Padayatra which can be seen in the film.


  • Mammootty
  • Performances
  • Camera work
  • Background scores


  • Slow pace narration
  • An overdose of emotions in a few scenes
  • Feels like doing propaganda

Final Verdict:

On a whole, Yatra is a documentary kind of film showcasing only the pre and post incidents took place during the Padayatra in YS Rajasekhara Reddy’s life. The film is an emotional ride with a few interesting scenes and dialogues. The first half of the film is decent and in the second half, the film turns completely emotional. The slow pace of the film brings a documentary kind of feel while watching. As the film is based on the few real-life incidents and emotions, the film may not appeal much to the few general audiences. Few incidents were shown bold and realistic in the film. Overall, the film may impress hardcore YSR fans much. To know some of the tough truths and realities behind, one can give a try to watch the film.

Bottom Line:   Decent and respectful tribute to YSR.